A tasty white from Argentina

Last night I was looking forward to seeing Lord Sugar give Herr Baggs the boot on the Apprentice, having become quite enthralled in the season. So when browsing through my local Tesco I decided to go for the easy option of their £10 meal for two. The food was actually pretty good and the David Brent doppelgänger Stuart Baggs finally got a bit of Lord Sugar’s sweetness. A good result all around really, and emphasised by the bottle of wine that accompanied the meal.

These meal deals are £10 for a main dish, side dish, pudding and a bottle of wine. Usually the wine is expectedly crap, and best kept for cooking or seeking out late in a sozzled evening. But I was a bit surprised by a 2010 Chardonnay Torrontés blend called La Leyenda, from the Guentota Estate in Argentina. Of course it wasn’t a classic, but there were plenty of juicy fruit flavours of apple and pear, with a lifting fragrance and decent body. The acidity was good too, which is often out of sync on these cheapies.

I would not go seeking out this wine, but at that price you can do a lot worse!

On a separate note, with the pressure on wine prices and the margins of producers in South Africa shrinking, it is interesting to note the heavyweight bottle and good quality label, printed on decent quality uncoated stock and including embossing and metallic ink. It’s amazing to think that these producers are able to put that much money into the packaging at this price point.

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