Bill Gates’ hip moment

I just had to make a quick mention of a insert in a documentary that I was watching on CNBC today, tracking the rise, fall and shenanigans of the US baby boomers. In amongst the footage from the past forty years was a clip of Bill Gates from what looked like the late 80’s. He was appropriately wearing his familiarly cliched geek couture, complete with mandatory ‘late-night-on-pc’ hairdo.

The bit I liked was when he casually smirked into the camera and said “Well I think that being on the internet is becoming quite a hip thing to do these days” or something along those lines. If he’d known then… but then again, he probably did.

(There was also a great bit with a more hirsute Steve Jobs explaining the ‘mouse’ to astonished onlookers. It’s amazing how far we have come in less than 20 years.)

One Response to “Bill Gates’ hip moment”

  1. sandi says:

    Ja. even oldies are getting the hang of it now!