Charles Back’s new Fairview label

What do you think of the new label from South African wine producer, Fairview? The label was designed by renowned South African wine label and packaging guru Anthony Lane and wines with the new design have recently been released.

Having previously worked with Charles and Fairview I am probably a bit biased, but I like the new label, and the rationale behind the change. I look forward to seeing the label on a bottle, to compare, as the difference between a digital image and the physical item can be quite significant.

Fairview owner Charles Back comments on the producer’s website:

“The crest which forms the heart of the new label is unpretentious and devoid of heraldic devices. It has a distinctive agricultural feel and conveys the essential elements that encompass Fairview.”


New Fairview wine label

New Fairview label introduced in 2011


Previous Fairview label


UPDATE: After reading this post the guys at Fairview sent me this picture which shows the new labels on the bottles for the standard range and their single vineyard wines. I like it more now that I see it on the bottle.

New Fairview label bottle shots

New Fairview labels on the standard and single vineyard wines

3 Responses to “Charles Back’s new Fairview label”

  1. Nikki says:

    Much better!

    Still has a ‘quirkiness’ about it.

    A definite improvement!

  2. Peter F May says:

    I think it is cringe-makingly awful, an embarassing attempt to evoke an ancient coat of arms and add gravitas and authority in line with long established European wines that use legitimate heraldic crests and coats of arms.

    Charles calls it a timeless design… Hmm, the truly timeless wine labels are those that haven’t change and passed the point of being old-fashioned to timeless. Go to a vertical tasting of Bordeaux and see the only label differences over the years is the vintage and the older labels have faded.

    No doubt another designer will be earning big cash in 5 years time when this ‘timeless’ label has become dated.

    At least he’s dropped the ‘Since’ 1693 claim.

    Good to see you last week — wasn’t the Booysen Riesling amazing?? Star of the day – and I don’t like Riesling!!

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Peter,

    So reading between the lines it would be fair to say that you are not a fan of the new Fairview label 😉

    Yes it was good to see you. Howard Booysen is an important guy for the future of SA winemaking – passionate and to the point.
    I tasted a few Rieslings at Imbibe yesterday and his knocked spots off most of them.