Classy Elim Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon

White wine blends from South Africa have been making a big impression over the past few years. At the forefront have been Bordeaux style wines including Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. This year I have been making an effort to avoid Sauvignon Blanc (I am yet to buy a bottle) just to try and get myself to explore other varietals. But luckily that doesn’t extend to tastings!

Perched in a convenient row on the Extraordinary Elim pod on the Wines of South Africa stand at the London International Wine Fair, were three contrasting and interesting wines.

Trizanne Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2010

87% tank fermented Sauvignon Blanc and 13% barrel fermented Semillon. This wine smells really punchy, with the Semillon showing its hint of oak. There is also plenty of minerality and I had a rather odd impression peaty character. Soft fruit and elegant mouthfeel and it doesn’t feel as though the acid in the wine is stripping the enamel off your teeth. Leesey length and richness on the finish.

Flagstone Treaty Tree Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Reserve 2010

Again that Elim minerality on the nose, along with usual the green fig aromas, but I found some very interesting flavours. A bit rounder, with a bit of fragrance and spice. A bit like a tart dessert apple, if that makes any sense…

Cederberg David Niewoudt Ghost Corner Semillon 2009

Really dig this. It’s one of those wines that I have heard quite a bit about and I was keen to try it. Whack loads of green fig and gooseberries with great balance. It’s got richness on the palate but not too much that it would prevent me happily enjoying the bottle on its own.

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