Consol glass takes the health angle

Consol is the largest glass producer in South Africa.They dominate the market for wine bottles and many producers are at the mercy of their production schedules and availability. For all the good intention of the Consol employees, their furnaces only have a certain capacity and changing from one bottle format to another is apparently a serious affair.

As you may expect, the big clients (read big volume brands) get preference as they are the ones that keep the cashflow ticking. This often leaves the smaller producers needing to beg and ask favours from neighbours when they need to bottle their wines.

The latest advertising campaign for Consol focusesĀ on health as a reason to choose glass and comes complete with a smart advert designed to tug at various emotional strings. The voice over is a bit obvious and probably a bit wordy, but the idea is an interesting one, even though the focus is not entirely on wine.

It’s interesting in that the current and recent discussions around packaging in the wine industry have tended to focus on the health of the planet, green issues, carbon footprints and the like. Glass has not really been under attack overall, but rather the heavyweight bottles as opposed to the lighter ones. But there are PET crusaders emerging too, with Backsberg‘s Tread Lightly wines receiving a lot of press when launched last year. It even made it onto this little site!

Here we have the glass producer hitting back with a bold, emotive claim. There is something similar in it’s tone to the cork producer’s lobby against alternative closures. They have backed up this campaign with a Facebook page offering an iPad and an iPhone as a prize for a glowing comment on the production. So one can’t really take those as being too honest.

Glass has little to fear in the wine industry at this stage. But I’ll be interested to see the responses to this advert.

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