Delicious Muscat from Pfalz

Bergdolt-Reif & Nett is a family owned producer from the village of Duttweiler in the Pfalz region and winemaker Christian Nett was pouring his wines for the first time in the UK at the Riesling and Co event held at the Delfina Gallery in London.

The event kicked off with a panel discussion on some of the challenges facing the German industry (which I will chat about in a later post) and was followed by an afternoon of tasting. It was a great chance to learn more about German wines and the regions that produce them and of course to have a look at varietals aside from Riesling. 

Pfalz is the German name for the Palatinate region in south of the country, near the border with France. It is the second largest region after the Rheinhessen, and in terms of terroir it shares much in common with the French wine region of Alsace.

I was really impressed by the Nett wines and by Christian’s enthusiasm for getting his wines into the UK, which seems a real challenge for wines from Germany at the moment. He has been at the head of operations for almost a decade, during which time he has grown the range under the Nett label from just one sweet wine to a series of tiers and styles. The packaging is strong and I think would have good shelf stand-out if they choose to go the off trade route, while the wines are elegant, with clean fruit and great balance.

His standard Riesling from the Tradition tier of the range was lovely, with punchy fruit. But the wine that stood out was the Nett Muskateller 2009, from Christian’s Avantgarde tier. The wine is classified as dry according to German standards (up to 9 grams of sugar per litre), with a residual sugar of just under 7 grams per litre. It’s got great balance between the fragrance typical of the Muscat Blanc grape, red apple aromas and a clean acidity. There’s a cool edge to the wine, which has a very slight vegetal or herbal feel, and a bit of gooseberry somewhere in there too. But it is still very much a Muscat and the spice and fragrance returns on the finish. A really interesting wine and one that I would be happy to drink with Asian style dishes or even a creamy blue cheese.


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