First thoughts on LIWF

As a newbie to the LIWF I have spent a couple of days wondering around, eyes wide open and drinking in (figuratively and a bit literally) the innovation, ineresting styles and the trends that are thrown together under the roof of the London ExCel out in the glass tower-dotted east docklands.

There are a few things that have caught my interest, both as new blogger as well as a wine lover and I will be adding posts in the next week after mulling over a few things.

But here’s something which stood out, and this was before I even entered the venue. Beaujolais’ tag line for their generic marketing has been emblazoned around the place, including on complimentary lanyards.

“Beaujolais: A lighter wine at a lighter price”

Now I’m no guru, but I see that as a really foolish and shortsighted branding strategy for the Beaujolais region. If they are trying to rebuild their reputation, then where do they go to if they achieve that? If it is built on a cheap and cheerful ticket, then it can only get more cheap and cheerful when sales slow down. Time will tell.

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