Fruit wines at Marks and Spencer

I am not sure how long these have been on the shelf, but I was interested to see these two bottles in my local M&S yesterday.

Labelled as Sauvignon Blanc with Apples and Tempranillo Rose with Strawberries they are in the wine section but don’t use the word wine anywhere on the packaging.

Fruit wines are nothing new but the way that these products are positioned is interesting. They are marketed as wines would be. One of the key selling points on the back label is the products naturally lower alcohol. It is 8.5% on the bottle but whether that is entirely natural or not is debatable.

The grapes and fruit are co-fermented according to the back label, and are made in Spain.

The Sauvignon Blanc’s ingredients are listed as Grapes, Apples (20%), Sugar, Citric Acid, Preservative – Sulphur Dioxide. One for those who are after more complete labelling for wines in general.

M&S Sauvignon Blanc with Apples

M&S Tempranillo Rose with Strawberries

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