Gary Vaynerchuk calls last rounds on wine videos

As I read first on Jamie Goode’s Wine Anorak blog, Gary Vaynerchuk has announced his ‘retirement’ from the online wine world.

Gary VaynerchukGaryVee has been one of the most inspiring online wine personalities over the past five years, and whether you love him or hate him his impact on wine marketers and wine drinkers has been immense.

Gary Vaynerchuk grew his New Jersey based family business, Wine Library, from a turnover of about $5 mil to about $45 mil largely on the back of his intense and off-the-wall online wine videos. Largely based around wine tasting videos, Wine Library TV created a new vocabulary for passionate punters and aspiring tasters. It landed him on various US television shows and provided Gary with an entrepreneurial launchpad into various other avenues.

After calling a day on Wine Library TV earlier this year (after 1000 episodes) Gary Vaynerchuk started up Daily Grape but now after 89 episodes he is switching off the camera.

Personally I think it is a good move for him. His insight and passion for marketing and online¬†entrepreneurial initiatives is clearly not limited to wine, and his books ‘Crush It’ and ‘The thank-you economy’¬†will likely prove to be required reading for many in the future. Gary Vaynerchuk is moving off the wine screen before his star begins to wane, and as they say, it’s always better to go out on top.

Thank you for bringing the thunder Gary. You’ve brought many smiles, plenty of entertainment and a lot of inspiration. Wine people should never limit their inspiration to others that they interact with in the wine trade, and as such Gary Vaynerchuk will remain a regular source of information and inspiration for me both in wine and outside of it.

Do yourself a favour and check out some of his clips from both the sites or follow Gary on Twitter.


Here’s a look at his last Daily Grape clip:

Image source: Global Patriot

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