If you owned your favourite winery, what would you change?

I was chatting to a few friends during the week about visiting wineries in South Africa. A couple were planning their first holiday to the Western Cape and were asking for some recommendations. Looking back on the conversation, there was an interesting pattern that was pretty apparent.

Most wine lovers or fans of wine tourism seem to have a favourite winery cellar door. A place that they recommend without hesitation and visit regularly themselves. But at the same time, they always seem to have a tip or a caution too.

“You have GOT TO go to Bob Smith Cellars, but…”

It is not really seen as a negative thing, as the experience is clearly one that they enjoy. But if cellar doors aim to create brand ambassadors (to use a blehh marketing cliché) from every person who visits them, they should be keen to hear their thoughts. The positive recommendations are often talked about and accepted, but what about the little bugbears?

So here’s my question:

If you owned your favourite winery, anywhere in the world, what one thing would you change?

Please comment below. I’m not looking for bitching and moaning – just that one little thing that bugs you about your favourite spot. Perhaps we’ll even hear from the wineries themselves…

2 Responses to “If you owned your favourite winery, what would you change?”

  1. Anel says:

    If I had a winery I would definitely be open Saturdays and Sundays until 5pm. People work during the week, so weekends are the only time they have to visit tasting rooms. I will also make sure that they taste out of proper glasses. I despise those small tasting glasses where you can’t get your nose in.

  2. Ingrid says:

    If I owned Beaumont, I’d bring back their Chardonnay, and the old profile of Raoul’s Red. If anyone has a Beaumont Chardonnay … you have a complete at-your-mercy wannabe buyer…