Malbec World Day 2013 – a refreshing generic campaign

Tomorrow is the third edition of the awkwardly-named Malbec World Day. It is an initiative of Wines of Argentina, where Malbec is now recognised as the national grape variety, with more than 30,000 acres of vineyards.

It is a stand-out generic wine campaign in its approach, epitomised by the promotional video below. I can’t think of many other regional or generic campaigns that are such a departure from the usual trying-not-to-be-pretentious approach.

Malbec popularity is increasing. It is generally made in a juicy, approachable style. It pairs well with food and when you look to the new world producers it offers really good value. (Majestic Wines have a load on promotion at the moment.) An initiative like World Malbec Day (or Malbec World Day if you prefer) is an innovative way to try and bridge the gap between the stereotyped person who pays attention to wine industry campaigns, and the regular wine drinker.

I can’t quite picture a group of street artists sitting around swirling a few glasses of Malbec after a night out putting their work up. That’s a bit of a stretch.

Will you be opening a bottle of Malbec tomorrow?

MalbecWorldDay 2013 – Malbec Takes Over The Streets! from Wines of Argentina on Vimeo.

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