Moko Black 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc relapse

ABS. It’s a well known acronym to do with how effectively your car brakes work. A convenient coincidence, as it also stands for Anything But Sauvignon which was one of my aims for 2011.

Putting the brakes on my consumption of this grape varietal meant no more cash would leave my wallet (on the odd occasion that some found its way in) to buy another bottle of what I generally find a boring grape. My mission only lasted two weeks, but technically the Sauvignon Blanc that I drank over the weekend didn’t transgress my flimsy resolution, as it was a gift that my wife brought home from work. So I consider my good intentions intact!

On Saturday morning I resolutely headed down to my local fishmonger in Clapham South, spurred on by a week of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Fish Fight (please sign up!) and Jamie Oliver’s five minute fish dishes which looked pretty simple to do. We were heading to a  friend’s house and I had offered to cook dinner, so it would be fish on the menu come hell or high water.

The old wallet my first stumbling block though, with tempting Dover sole (for four people) costing close on £50! So I settled for wild sea bass, which a rather chatty fishmonger assured me would be a great choice as he deftly cleaned and filleted the fish.

I kept it simple in the kitchen and pan fried the fish with a combination of fresh lime and ginger, with a touch of chilli. Pretty damn good if I may say so myself.

And so to the wine – Moko Black 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. Given my intentions stated above, the wine was irritatingly good. I don’t know if it is a bit of time in the bottle or the tact and skill of winemaker Ant Moore, but the wine didn’t slap me in the face and gnaw at my teeth as Marlborough Sauvignons at this price point tend to. There were plenty of those gooseberry aromas and the greenish edge that characterises the region. But there was a roundness and richness to the wine that complemented the fish as opposed to aggressively blasting away every remnant of its flavour!

From a packaging point of view it is a nice idea that looks a bit half done. A Kiwi attempt at a Chilean or Argentinian style, using indigenous cultural symbols in a modern way.  A quick Google search tells me that the Moko Black 2009 Sauvignon Blanc is available at a number of independent wine retailers for around £8. Good value and a happy way to say a final word on Sauvignon Blanc for the year.

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