More jam in the bottle?

After the launch of the sugary Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz by Cape Classics last year there was a lot of chatter on the old interwebs about playing to the lowest common denominator and making bad wine for the sake of sales. Duh.

Wine is a product that is produced to be consumed. Who is going to do that? The consumer.

So make what they want to enjoy – who cares if its sweet and winos don’t like it. They’re not buying it. It’s not rocket science.

The Jam Jar was launched in the US of A by Cape Classics and then showed up in Pick n Pay stores in South Africa around January.

So I was interested to see a new (at least new to me) line in Tesco. It is a Tesco house brand called Jam Pot and comes complete with a naff red label and a very literal jam pot illustration. From what I could tell from the label description it is not overly sweet. But I was not going to be buying it so can’t tell you. It was on the promo rack at my local Tesco and is part of a trio. The other two are a white blend named Citrus Squeezer and there is also a rosé, Summer Pud, which appears to have a cross between a pile of rope and large turd on the label. The Jam Jar’s label is distinctive and well executed, while this is… well… not.

For many years, the word ‘jammy’ has not really been one that most winemakers or marketers would have liked to have seen connected to their products. Its tended to be seen as a negative. So what has changed? Have consumers tastes changed that much or is it simply the fact that there are so many new consumers entering the wine market and still discovering what they like. It is widely acknowledged that new wine drinkers historically drink sweeter to start off, so this may well be a good sign. Hell, someone’s got to get stuck in to that Aussie surplus!

Jam Pot

Citrus Squeezer

Summer Turd

Packaging design: simple, naff and lame. They’ll probably sell loads.

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  1. Werner says:

    “Summer Turd”… classic