M&S Fitou 2008

Since moving to London I have been trying a few Languedoc wines, as there aren’t really many available back in South Africa. But I have always had an interest in the region as the wines comprise varietals that I typically enjoy. So far so good, although with the great weather we’ve been having there has been more beer and southern hemisphere white wine drunk in the past months.

Picked up a bottle of the 2008 Fitou from Marks and Spencer yesterday, in spite of its label. The Languedoc Roussillon blend of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah was on promo at £4.99, which was perfect considering I only had a fiver on me.

Opened the bottle and had a glass before dinner. More or less what I had expected. Initial impression of acidity and gentle tannin opened up into some decent fruit flavours. Although even for a Grenache oriented wine, it was a little light in the mid palate. Short, is probably a better word. But there was some good brambly fruit and a herbal character on the nose. We ended up having pork for dinner and the saltiness of the meat made the wine a bit one dimensional. Salt is a bit of a pain when it comes to reds, isn’t it.

I think I would buy it again and probably match it with something in a tomato based sauce, to balance the acidity.

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