Piccini Toscana

I picked up a bottle of this today, looking for a simple red to glug with a pizza. The rather literal label aside, it claims to be a Supertuscan which is a pretty bold claim to put on a front label, methinks. Anyway, as a typical consumer I purchased the bottle as it was on promo and it wasn’t one of the transparently contrived half off deals which I stay away from.

There’t a pleasant combination of herbs and a bit of bright cherry fruit. Not much in the way of body, to really set it aside from an average Sangiovese. Finish is dominated by pretty dry tannins, perhaps a bit planky.

But for £5.99 (discounted from £7.99) I have had worse. Would I buy it again? Quite possibly, but not at the full price. And it would not be the first bottle of wine that I’d open on the night.

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