Preposterous punt prize

Environmentally aware packaging decisions. It’s one of the topics that has been talked about a lot over the past few years and the 2011 London International Wine Fair saw it raised again, albeit in passing.

According to Tesco wine buyer Dan Jago consumers have indicated that they are happy to have their wines in lighter glass, a bit of research information that does not seem to have filtered through to many of the Chilean and Argentinian producers. Some of those bottles are so heavy they require two hands to pour them.

But my prize for the most Preposterous Punt spotted at the LIWF has to go to the Spanish producer Bodegas Naia and their Naiades Verdejo. There’s so much space under that bottle you could park one of those little electric cars driven by green enthusiasts.

Surely there’s not room for this sort of over the top packaging these days?


One Response to “Preposterous punt prize”

  1. Colleen says:

    HAH! Must be a very high quality wine 🙂