Returning corked wine to Waitrose

Two years ago I got in touch with Sainsburys and Tesco regarding their policies on returning corked wine. You can read their responses here.

I did the same with Waitrose this week and this was their response.

Thank you for your email.

When ordering wine with us online through Waitrose Direct, we offer a 28 day return policy on corked or damaged wines. We arrange for the wine to be collected, and the order refunded or replaced depending on the wishes of the customer.
However this system is not affiliated with individual stores, which may have their own policies in place. I advise that you contact the local store with this issue from which the wine was purchased. They should have a similar returns policy in place. Please ensure that you do not throw the corked wine away as this will help the store investigate the affected wine.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Luke Adams
Customer Sales and Support

That sounds like a very logical approach with regard to their online sales. When it comes to returning wines to a physical Waitrose store it may be a bit trickier. But I would think that they would be quite open to it if you have your proof of purchase and if you’re not returning an empty bottle!

One Response to “Returning corked wine to Waitrose”

  1. Peter May says:

    I don’t agree with you about their response and I wonder if the term ‘corked’ was fully understood. The letter conflicts with Waitrose Directs Terms and Conditions on their site that says that you can return wine for any reason at all within 28 days. Then they say (This does not affect your statutory rights in the event of faulty goods.).*

    A corked wine is faulty and 28 days is not a limit on returning faulty goods.

    Since one doesn’t know a wine is corked until one opens and tastes the wine, a limit of 28 days would mean you’d have to open every bottle in the case you’ve just bought within 28 days of receiving it…

    Returning corked wines (or anything else that is faulty) is a breeze at Waitrose shops. Take the remains of the wine into the shop, stop the first member of staff you see and tell them the problem. They will find the appropriate person. Based on my experience the wine will be sent to their wine buyers, you’ll receive a letter telling you it is being investigated and apologising. You’ll get a replacement or refund without question or quibble.