Cellar door vs seller door

So the World Cup is around the corner. Time for a bit of honesty.

The South African tourism and hospitality industries have been getting a lot of grief about putting up their prices during the event and looking to cash in. Many have seen the folly of their greed in the trickle of bookings that has resulted. Consumers are too well informed to be taken for a ride and most will arrive in South Africa knowing what to expect value wise. Global economic squidginess has made people pay more attention to how they spend their money and regular visitors are all too aware of the inflationary effects on prices in the Republic.

So let’s take a look at one aspect of the South African wine industry – the cellar door. Most wine tourism oriented farms are expecting an influx of visitors, even though the event is taking place during the Cape winter. The bigger players will no doubt have thousands booked over the next few months. But have the wineries fallen into the same cash trap at the cost of their local punters?

Which South African cellar doors have put their prices up just in time for the arrival of football tourists in the winelands? Or alternately – which farms will front up and say that their prices are remaining the same? Anyone know of any?

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