Tesco in search of a great design innovation

The annual pilgrimage for South African creatives, the Design Indaba, is currently being held in Cape Town. One of the comments that I noticed from Cherryflava on Twitter was about the increasing demands being placed on the design industry to try and solve societal issues. This also extends to business and marketing issues in highly competitive industries. The design industry has evolved far beyond pretty labels and cutesy copy as more businesses have realised the real value that good design can create.

So it was with interest that I noted a promotion in the February edition of Harpers Wine & Spirit. It is a competition¬†being run in conjunction with Tesco and design agency Stranger & Stranger. The promotion is a great opportunity for a designer or creative thinker to present a new idea to the judges. It is presented as “a new competition designed to discover new talent in the world of UK drinks innovation”.

It’s a great idea and I look forward to seeing what sort of entries it draws from the pool of creatives interested in the sector.

What I found of real interest was this line:

The winning entry will succeed in challenging perceptions towards the drinks category,  it will invigorate the sector and, crucially, move the category away from price.

Best of luck! If this promotion can go some way to achieving what most of the wine world has been trying to figure out for the past decade then I am sure it will be a watershed moment!

You can find out more about the promotion on the Innovation for the Nation.

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