The Cape Town backdrop

I have been in London for about six weeks now and I am yet to really see much promotion or marketing for the World Cup. Now sure, I understand that the event is already upon us and that companies and individuals would have made their arrangements months back. But with SA having such a strong link to the UK, it would have been great to see a bit more generic World Cup and ‘brand South Africa’ promotion about the place. It seems as though the wine promotion side of things is being left to the independents. I believe WOSA has a strong presence at the London Wine Trade Fair that is kicking off tomorrow (volcano ash notwithstanding). However this is a trade only event and I feel that the wine industry is again stopping one rung short of engaing with their consumers.

That said, the advertising agencies have clearly not forgotten about Cape Town as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are a whack of ads currently on, with the city as a backdrop. Whether you would recognise the 12 Apostles, Devil’s Peak or the distinctive beach shots in the ads may be debatable if you have not been to SA. Beer ads seems to be especially fond of the Cape as this Bud ad shows. It is being played to death on Sky at the moment, but has a fun feeling to it and a very South African feel – toupees included!

*excuse the flash file…

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