The most valuable wine brand in the world

Moet & ChandonWine brands don’t typically spring to mind when thinking of global superbrands. Within the wine industry, of course there are the big players but when comparing them to other industries they are pretty small fry.

So what is the most valuable wine brand in the world?

That would be Moët & Chandon, according to the 2011 Interbrands listing of global brands.

The Champagne brand sits at number 77 on their list and is said to be valued at $4.38 billion. Moët & Chandon is the only wine brand in the top 100.

2 Responses to “The most valuable wine brand in the world”

  1. Kevin Ecock says:

    ‘Champagne’ is probably in the top five brand names as a collective term? Porsche needs Porsche because Motor Car doesn’t quite fit! Coca Cola needs distinction because Fizzy Mineral is not very catchy. ‘Champagne’ though says it all in a single word …. Diamonds, Champagne and Irish Rugby? Now, there’s a possibility.

  2. alex says:

    hello this is Alex from the wine forum I liked the article Moet is deffinantly on top. Moet has the royal contract to sell to the roayal family. All the big names drinks moet in one way or another because other wine companies are under them like Dom Pergion which they basicly own.