Tim Atkin’s post on regions to do without

I found Tim Atkin’s latest blog post today (albeit a bit jestful) a bit concerning. You can read his article here, but the basic gist of it is a poll that he did on ‘Which wine regions you could live without if you had to choose’.

The results of the voting on his poll saw South Africa feature in the top three, along with Chile and the USA. There were 100 votes cast. Albeit a small cross section of the public, it is disappointing that South African wines have still failed to make a significant impact and are viewed by some as being relatively dispensable. Where does the fault lie?

Overpriced? I wouldn’t think so – there are great deals on SA wines and the producers are wincing at the margin squeeze.

Too much cheap crap on the shelves? Possibly a perception. Although aside from a handful of big naff brands this is not really the case.

No enough marketing of the much vaunted ‘brand South Africa’? Possibly. But it would not be fair to lay that solely at the foot of WOSA as some are wont to do.

No icon brands? In the view of the consumer, quite likely.

Hmmm. So what’s the problem here. Perhaps just not enough fans of SA reading Tim’s blog? Let’s be optimistic and leave it at that!

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