WOSA drinks at LIWF

Wines of South Africa (WOSA) put on a very good showing at the London International Wine Fair last week. It was great to see the stand busy and a good buzz througout the three days. WOSA head, Su Birch, and her team seemed very upbeat and there were regular visits to the stand by international tv crews asking questions primarily related to the FIFA World Cup kicking off any day now. It was a very encouraging atmosphere during a rather tough time in the wine trade. The producers represented on the stand showed a good selection of SA wines and with the Saffers on a few of the UK importers stands thrown in there was a very adequate representation of the brands in the UK mainstream market. I will not say anything about the World Cup promotional video that was repeated throughout the night. The merits of that particular offering have been discussed enough.

Being a South African I of course have to find a negative. It is something that we always seem to want to do. On the Wednesday evening guests were invited to stop by the WOSA stand for a drink and a chat at the end of the day. There was even a brief visit by Barry Hilton, Mark Banks, John Vlismas and Loyisa Gola who were in town for the opening performance of Bafunny Bafunny at the Royal Albert Hall the following evening. One thing though – the beer on offer was Windhoek Lager. It happens that it was a favourite of mine back in sunny SA, but one would have thought that at a stand showcasing the best of South African and with an eye on the World Cup, a local beer would have been more appropriate.


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  1. SANDI BRYANT says:

    Ja a Castle would have left a better taste!